Vigor is released on PS4 and PS5 for free


As of today, Vigor for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 is available completely free of charge, announces Bohemia Interactive. Create your shelter and vital equipment, alone or together with other players, in postwar Norway. Fight enemies or keep hidden, find resources and overcome the challenges provided by the environment. Do you think you can survive the apocalypse?

Install on PS4 or PS5?

Vigor presents a complete and robust gaming experience for Playstation 4. But, obviously, for Playstation 5, improvements are visible at different times, namely the opportunity to see Norway in all its glory in 4K or the times of decrease thanks to the fast SSD. The “power” of the new generation of the Sony console is extraordinary and you share the experience with greater intensity!


Since Bohemia Interactive announced the Playstation version, many players have wondered about Vigor’s crossplay. Although crossplay is not available on other platforms, the truth is that the company has allowed cross-generational play on Sony consoles.

This way, it doesn’t matter if you have a Playstation 4 or Playstation 5, your progress will be recorded consistently on both platforms. However, it is not possible to have Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players join.

Early Christmas Gift

This free shooting game had been postponed because of the global crisis, namely the Covid-19 pandemic. But, Bohemia Interactive reported that the launch would take place towards the end of the year and … fulfilled! Vigor is now available on Playstation Store, being available in German, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian.


Today was the official launch of Vigor and Bohemia Interactive also took the opportunity to share the teaser. Watch below and tell us, are you going to try this game?

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